Hilda Reyes

855 N. Resler Ste. C
El Paso, TX 79912

Office Phone: 915-833-6111

Mobile Phone: 915-330-7457

Fax: 915-833-0210

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As a highly capable real estate professional with extensive housing experience, I will serve my clients adeptly and competently. Having worked in the fast- paced multi-family home industry in Washington D.C., at one point managing 10,296 housing units, I pay attention to detail, and can navigate complexity. No transaction too big or too small to receive my personal attention. Originally from the East coast, but in love with West Texas and El Paso, no more blizzards for me! I’ve made the many moves of a military/veteran/ federal employee spouse. I’ve sold and purchased my own homes throughout the country. I will ensure my veteran and federal clients maximize their relocation benefits.
Specializing in single and multi-family homes, I’m your Eastside housing specialist.

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